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I have always loved making things with my hands. An easel set up in the basement of my childhood home was my first "studio". I was fortunate enough to have had both art and craft classes offered at my high school, which is unheard of these days. I explored embroidery, batik, weaving, and woodblock printing as well drawing, painting, and sculpture.

The craft arts were taken seriously! I credit these early creative outlets with my desire to teach and make. 

Nature, patterns, and organic and geometric shapes are my key sources of inspiration.

I imagine the veins of a leaf as a repeat pattern print, an aerial view of a rural garden becomes a patchwork quilt, and a meandering stream invites visions of meditative stitches. Over the years, my approach to sewing and printing has become more improvisational. I design as I create: cutting, fitting, and rearranging shapes and grids as my design unfolds. My textile journey continues to evolve as I explore new sewing and printing paths. Join me on my journey!


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